Fire it up, ready, grill!

Grilling is always an enjoyable experience, whether at a toasty bonfire with a mug of mulled wine in the winter or with ice-cold drinks from the cooler in the summer. We offer barbecue events that provide your guests with both old favourites from the grill and surprising creations of our own.

Delicious sausages and tender steaks, fresh fish, juicy chicken drumsticks and exquisite shrimp skewers are enhanced with fine flavours and cooked over hot coals. In addition, we provide a wide selection of fresh vegetable side dishes, delicious salads and grill sauces and dips that we’ve created ourselves; all of these perfectly round out a culinary grill experience with that special something extra.

BBQ catering
BBQ catering
BBQ catering

Modern barbecue

    Grill side dishes and starters
  • Our breadsticks and mini rolls with salted butter and herbed dip
  • Summer salad greens with lemongrass-lime dressing
  • Our modern potato salad with vinegar, oil and garden cress
  • The classic pasta salad with mini penne noodles and chopped hard-boiled egg
  • ‘Rheinischer Krautsalat’ (Rhenish coleslaw), delectably seasoned

  • Grill sauces and dips
  • Herbed butter and garlic dip
  • Ketchup and mustard
  • Our popular CURRYoses grill sauce

  • From the grill
  • Large, freshly grilled bratwurst
  • Pork shoulder steaks in a home-made marinade
  • Savoury streaky bacon
  • Large foil-wrapped potatoes with sour cream dip
  • Tender chicken breast with modern flavours

  • €22.90 per person

Ask us about our other BBQ suggestions from CATALOGNA’s repertoire.


The prices are subject to 19% VAT and are valid for 30 or more people. The price includes chafing dishes, fuel pastes, mats and serving utensils.
BBQ Hochzeit

Wedding BBQ
for 160 people

Business BBQ

Winter BBQ
for 850 people

Summer BBQ

Summer BBQ
for 150 people

Beverage service


Every wish will be granted. The reasonably priced flat rate for beverages (with water, soft drinks, beer on tap and wine) is perfect for any party or event. For special occasions, we recommend the cocktail bar with bartender.

Beverage service


There’s nothing we don’t have. You can rent anything you need for your party from us. Chic lounge furniture, practical beer tent trimmings, modern dishware and professional kitchen appliances.

Rental service
Decorative service


Our motto for room and table décor? ‘Nothing is impossible’. Complete themes, flower arrangements, colours, shapes and materials are the cherry on top for any party or event.

Decorative service

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