The CATALOGNA candy buffet for all those who love sweets!

Sweet or sour? You decide. Offer your guests an irresistible buffet of first-class sweets with our candy buffet. The selection of colourful candies and sweets is arranged and presented in various tasteful and striking glass vessels on decorative cake stands.

You prefer savoury items? Snacks such as pretzel sticks, puffed snacks, crisps and various roasted nuts can also be arranged. The CATALOGNA candy buffet is the ideal dessert buffet for all those with a sweet tooth.

Candy Buffet Catering
Candy Buffet Catering
Candy Buffet Catering

Our candy buffet

  • Selection of wine gums
  • Selection of liquorice varieties
  • Colourful chews
  • Marshmallow delicacies
  • Assortment of fizzy powders
  • Chocolate drops
  • and many more types of candy

  • €6.90 per person


The prices are subject to 19% VAT and are valid for 50 or more people.
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Every wish will be granted. The reasonably priced flat rate for beverages (with water, soft drinks, beer on tap and wine) is perfect for any party or event. For special occasions, we recommend the cocktail bar with bartender.

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There’s nothing we don’t have. You can rent anything you need for your party from us. Chic lounge furniture, practical beer tent trimmings, modern dishware and professional kitchen appliances.

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Our motto for room and table décor? ‘Nothing is impossible’. Complete themes, flower arrangements, colours, shapes and materials are the cherry on top for any party or event.

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