2015 Caterer of the Year

The winners have been decided: On the evening of 13 October, the winners of the 2015 Caterer of the Year competition were announced to around 300 invited guests in the festive atmosphere of the Cologne Botanical Gardens. Our event concept impressed the jury. We’re very excited to have received this honour and would like to say thank you to everyone who gave us active support.

Caterer of the Year
Caterer of the Year
Caterer of the Year

‘We want to be a partner who thinks along the same lines’

Three questions for Jan Nöhre

Where did the unusual approach of using mobile technology at a buffet come from?

    On the one hand, we have identified a strong trend towards a completely new awareness of health. Customers want to know what they’re eating. At home, they can decide this for themselves.

    In gastronomy, this is becoming increasingly difficult. And on the other hand, we’ve learned that our customers are always very grateful for new ideas and fresh communication.

    We are active in a qualitatively high-value sector. And this is precisely where we’re able to distinguish ourselves from the overall experience.

How well does digital technology coexist with the enjoyment-centred food world?

    Of course, you have to consider these things separately.

    There is a huge difference between providing service for an event on the sidelines of Gamescom and for a client from the pharmaceutical industry.

    However, digital technology no longer necessarily calls for gigantic screens and flashing animations.

    Technology has become smaller, smarter and much more discreet. We believe that our TRANSPARENCY EXPERIENCE fills a very useful niche and diffuses a more discreet charm in doing so.

What are the opportunities for customers with a view to communicating with their guests?

    The customer can send a QR code in the invitation and invite guests to install an app.

    This means that from the very beginning, customers have an innovative communication channel at their disposal. In this way, the customer can send a video of appetizers a few days before the event, or share information about the programme at the location.

    Alongside the core function at the buffet, the customer is thus also provided with a new, clear and long-lasting communications platform. For instance, this could be to share photos after the event or ask for feedback.

    In this case, we’ve definitely gone a bit further than our food competencies, but this is exactly the standard that we set for ourselves here at Catalogna.

    We want to be a partner who thinks along the same lines.


The CATALOGNA TRANSPARENCY EXPERIENCE concept is a new, effective and attractive customer loyalty tool that combines our catering service with the advantages of the digital world.

This extra service for our customers is a new, transparent level of information and dialogue that is specifically focused on food and that integrates the culinary arts into the overall context of the event.

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