Small budget, impressive effect: finger food from a vendor’s tray!

Finger food from a vendor’s tray is an absolute highlight in terms of both taste and appearance. Affordable and yet very effective, it’s particularly impressive for business meetings, receptions and at trade fairs. A vendor’s tray holds about 20 to 30 fresh, unusual finger food creations on skewers and in mini glasses.

Finger food
Finger food
Finger food

Finger food on a skewer

  • Lollipop made of a mini meatball and pea pod
  • Scampi and lemon-vanilla carrot on a stick
  • Salmon, wrapped in a pancake, with herbs and cress cream
  • Lollipop of turkey breast with two kinds of toasted sesame seeds

  • €2.29/each

Finger food in mini glasses

  • Tender rocket salad with caramelised walnuts and raspberry dressing in a pipette
  • Our rice salad with Madras curry, lemongrass and glazed pineapple
  • Red couscous with celeriac and pomegranate, and tender duck breast
  • White tomato mousse with red tomato-vanilla chutney and a parmesan pastry
  • Glazed mountain lentils with grilled zucchini skewer and crème fraîche

  • €2.29/each


The prices are subject to 19% VAT and are valid for 100 or more people at 20 items per type. The order must be placed at least two days before the delivery date. The price includes the vendor’s tray and cocktail napkins. A vendor’s tray holds about 20 to 30 finger food items. We recommend 3 to 4 finger food items per person for receptions. We recommend 8 to 12 items per person for butler-style buffets.

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