Boxed snacks: finger food in mini boxes!

Your guests are guaranteed to remember this finger food for a long time. These fine, fresh finger food creations in miniature decorative boxes are served from platters; they’ve become our local stars amongst our finger food creations. Each box can hold around 100–140 grams.

finger food in mini boxes
finger food in mini boxes
finger food in mini boxes

Cold boxed snacks

  • Sashimi tuna on avocado chive salad
  • Fried scampi in bacon on mashed peas with red pepper
  • Blue potato salad, meadow herbs and garden cress
  • Baked sliders (mini burgers) on coleslaw
  • Small white tomato soup with bacon grissini
  • Corn-fed poularde stick with three types of peppers on herb salad with raspberry dressing

  • €2.99/each

Warm boxed snacks

  • Mini currywurst with home-made curry sauce, curry topping and mini roll
  • Sorrel soup with crackers
  • Vegetarian couscous with vegetables, mint
  • Cod with mango-lime chutney and champagne foam
  • Lemongrass-curry soup with scampi on a skewer
  • Mini veal schnitzel on potato and pickle salad

  • €3.99/each

Sweet boxed snacks

  • Crunchy chocolate sandwich with mango-pineapple salad
  • Our modern interpretation of a rice ‘Trauttmansdorff’ pudding
  • Our passion fruit tartlets with fresh raspberries and mint

  • €2.99/each


The prices are subject to 19% VAT and are valid for 100 or more people at 20 items per type. The order must be placed at least two days before the delivery date. The price includes wooden platters or black serving platters, as well as cocktail napkins. We recommend 3 to 4 finger food items per person for receptions. We recommend 8 to 12 finger food items per person for butler-style finger food. The warm boxed snacks are prepared and arranged on location. In addition to the quoted price, extra costs may arise for the on-site chef.

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