First-class catering with a top-notch butler-style buffet!

The butler-style buffet is a particularly appealing and practical way of bringing the buffet directly to your guests. It doesn’t matter if they’re sitting or moving about the room; our servers will bring the delicacies right to your guests.

The butler-style buffet creates a casual atmosphere in small spaces or trade fairs.

Butler-style buffet
Butler-style buffet
Butler-style buffet

Cologne-inspired butler-style buffet

  • Seared steak tartare on pumpernickel with crème fraîche and meadow herbs
  • Wild salmon with a small potato pancake on a Happy Spoon
  • Cologne-style vegetable skewer with cherry tomatoes
  • ‘So very Cologne’ Halver Hahn (traditional rye roll with cheese and other toppings) with mini rye rolls
  • Matjes (soused herring) fillet with apple-pickle chutney and fried onions on original Zimmermann’s black bread

  • Main courses
  • The Cologne classic: ‘Spieß von Himmel un Äd’ skewer with potatoes, apples and blood sausage
  • Small potato pancake with home-made apple sauce
  • Skewer of Cologne-style beef roulade ‘snails’
  • Our Cologne-style pickled pork knuckle with sauerkraut on a fork
  • Oxtail ragout on puréed celeriac in a preserving jar

  • Desserts
  • Panna cotta with raspberry purée
  • Slices of chocolate-banana tart with vanilla sauce and mint
  • Cologne-style coffee mousse with mango in a mini glass

  • €29.90 per person

Fine Catalogna butler-style buffet

  • Small cocktail of crawfish with lime and crackers
  • Seared steak tartare fillet with crème fraîche on a brioche
  • Baked goat cheese on tomato carpaccio
  • Cauliflower crème brûlée with Le Puy lentils, vegetables and quail praline
  • Spinach soup with ricotta ravioli

  • Main courses
  • Roasted medallion of monkfish on saffron risotto with white wine foam
  • Currywurst with our home-made CURRYoses sauce and a mini roll
  • Scallops on puréed cauliflower with truffle gravy
  • Veal fillet medallion on a bed of ‘Leipziger Allerlei’ (Leipzig-style vegetable dish)

  • Cheese
  • Manchego with fig mustard

  • Desserts
  • Tahitian vanilla crème brûlée with full-cream gelato
  • Curd mousse with green apple slivers and raspberry brittle
  • Warm vanilla-banana skewer on a lime sablée crust with gin and tonic jelly

  • €39.90 per person

Ask us about our other butler-style buffet suggestions from CATALOGNA’s repertoire.


The prices are subject to 19% VAT and are valid for 30 or more people. Smaller parties are possible upon request.

Butler-style BBQ buffet

Miniature grilled delicacies are the perfect finger food to be served on trays and are every bit as good as the classic BBQ specialties. From grilled classics to gourmet creations of our own, we provide the butler-style BBQ buffet on practical skewers or in mini glasses with delicious traditional bread varieties and summer dips.

Butler-style BBQ
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Every wish will be granted. The reasonably priced flat rate for beverages (with water, soft drinks, beer on tap and wine) is perfect for any party or event. For special occasions, we recommend the cocktail bar with bartender.

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There’s nothing we don’t have. You can rent anything you need for your party from us. Chic lounge furniture, practical beer tent trimmings, modern dishware and professional kitchen appliances.

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Whether in the kitchen, serving food or behind the bar, the staff of CATALOGNA COLOGNE CATERING is always friendly and reliable; they work with the highest professional standards in accordance with international service regulations.

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