Our Green Meeting represents regional food and sustainability!

We place high value on sustainable production for all our Green Meeting dishes and drinks. This is why we procure all our available dishes from fair-trade sources, organic farms or certified regional suppliers.

In order to do justice to the idea of Green Meeting in terms of the settings, we’ve also focused on the sustainability of the furniture. The Green Meeting buffet station is made of Euro palettes and panes of genuine glass; it is decorated exclusively with natural materials such as wooden boards, turf, meadow herbs, fruit and vegetables.

Green Meeting
Green Meeting
Green Meeting

Green Meeting snacks

  • Sweet little organic titbits
    Chocolate curlies, raisin-studded challah, buttery yeast rolls

  • €1.60/each
  • Open-faced sandwich on a crusty organic roll with fresh, artisanal cold cuts
  • Rustic baguette slices from a local bakery with traditional toppings
  • Organic butter croissant with home-made jam
  • Organic mini sheet cakes (apple, plum, cherry)

  • €2.20/each
  • Three small potato pancakes, made of Schneider potatoes, with Boskoop apple compote
  • Organic spring chicken with Rhenish savoy cabbage, in the form of a roll in a mini glass
  • Small meatballs (meat comes from nearby farms) on apple-onion jam
  • Skewer of ‘Bergisch’ brook trout with carrots
  • ‘Eifler’ bacon-wrapped plums
  • Our vegetarian swedes with pearled vegetables and garden cress
  • Mini roll of field ox with a mini salad and soft goat cheese

  • €2.80/each

Green Meeting buffet

    Our organic/fair trade starters
  • Comprehensive bread station with fresh breads and breadsticks from our artisanal bakery and suitable dips on the side
  • Tender, glazed ‘Schwäbisch-Hällisch’ free-range pork with forest honey and dill
  • Small white tomato soup; tomatoes come from the Schneider vegetable farm
  • Catfish from local waters, on a bed of salad with wheat grains, herbs and organic spelt
  • Miniature penne salad with toasted pine nuts, pesto and ‘Bergisch’ meadow herbs

  • Main courses
  • Organic whole wheat pasta cooked on location in a Parmesan wheel, served with two kinds of sauces, fresh vegetables and roasted Eifler steak strips on the side
  • River zander, caught ourselves, with two kinds of regional baked potatoes, white wine and butter sauce and garden cress
  • Our quinoa patties with various vegetables and cherry tomato and herb stock

  • Desserts
  • Our modern interpretation of a rice ‘Trauttmansdorff’ pudding
  • Mini apple and apricot tarts
  • Small fruit yoghurt with regionally grown raspberries from Wachtberg

  • €34.90 per person


The prices are subject to 19% VAT and are valid for 30 or more people. Smaller parties are possible upon request.
Green Meeting Brote

Traditional buttered bread from €2.20

Green Meeting Smoothie

Proviant organic smoothies from €3.60

Green Meeting Gebäck

Sweet little organic titbits from €1.60

Beverage service


Every wish will be granted. The reasonably priced flat rate for beverages (with water, soft drinks, beer on tap and wine) is perfect for any party or event. For special occasions, we recommend the cocktail bar with bartender.

Beverage service


There’s nothing we don’t have. You can rent anything you need for your party from us. Chic lounge furniture, practical beer tent trimmings, modern dishware and professional kitchen appliances.

Rental service
Decorative service


Our motto for room and table décor? ‘Nothing is impossible’. Complete themes, flower arrangements, colours, shapes and materials are the cherry on top for any party or event.

Decorative service

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