Capitol Theater | Düsseldorf

The Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf is an exciting place, with its unique and unusual backdrop of a former streetcar depot. Its modern industrial design perfectly supplements the timeless, elegant theatrical setting. For events both large and small, the various facilities in and around the Capitol Theater make it possible to design the perfect event for any occasion.

Main theatre

750 sq m

Location Capitol Theater Düsseldorf

Are you planning a unique large-scale event with a show or onstage entertainment? Then the main theatre is perfect for you. It can hold up to 1,250 guests, providing plenty of freedom to make your own event a reality. The large stage offers sufficient space for a creative, impressive programme that’s sure to be remembered by your guests for a long time to come.

Club, including stage

630 sq m

Location Capitol Theater Düsseldorf

The extravagant club features a smaller stage which is already equipped with basic lighting and sound technology. It can be used for any type of event from 300 people and can be arranged and designed exactly how you’d like it.


50 - 1.200 sq m

Location Capitol Theater Düsseldorf

The foyer consists of a lower and an upper area and can easily be sectioned off into smaller areas and with separate entrances. It’s also the perfect setting for smaller events, which will set the scene with perfection thanks to the charming scenery of the theatre.


50 sq m

Location Capitol Theater Düsseldorf

A small area for conventions, special birthdays or small receptions. The lounge is the ideal location for gathering your loved ones and spending time together in harmony. Lovingly detailed decorations will give the room a personal touch.

Outdoor area

325 sq m

Location Capitol Theater Düsseldorf

The outdoor area can be used in a traditional way or transformed into a wonderful street food market; it holds up to 1,250 people. During the winter, the outdoor area can be easily set up as a romantic Christmas market. Surprise your guests with a very special celebration; hand over the organisation of a creative idea to us.

Winter garden

80 sq m

Location Capitol Theater Düsseldorf

The winter garden is connected to the outdoor area and can be used in combination as a small place of refuge. But it also offers enough space to comfortably fit up to 60 people for smaller events. Like the lounge, it provides a smaller setting for a stylish gathering. The atmosphere in the winter garden is simultaneously cosy and elegant. You and your guests will feel right at home here.

Location Capitol Theater Düsseldorf
Location Capitol Theater Düsseldorf

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