Odysseum | Cologne

The Odysseum adventure museum offers a special world of experience for any event. Spread over 4,000 square metres, you will find the right space for an unforgettable event experience. From the impressive plaza to the exciting themed rooms, the museum is all about finding and discovering. Combining different themed and event rooms is very popular and creates a great backdrop for an exceptional event. A place full of surprises and adventure that will inspire your guests.


240 sq m

Location Odysseum Köln

The large auditorium is often used as a lecture room for business events or presentations. It has a variable stage which can be moved in when required. This large room has the latest light, sound and presentation technology. At the culmination of each event, the room – previously filled with rows of seats – can be transformed into an event hall complete with dance floor.


350 sq m

The impressive plaza is at the heart of the whole museum. Situated right in the middle of the Odysseum, it connects the auditorium with the worlds of experience and has a magnificent open stairway up to the gallery. From there, you can look out over the whole of the museum. The plaza’s simple elegance can be designed and decorated according to your requirements.


239 sq m

The perfect view onto the entire world of experience: combined with the plaza, we offer your guests a great view overlooking this impressive location. The gallery encircles the plaza and is connected to it by an open stairway. In addition, it connects the multifunction room, the conference and entertainment area, the knowledge lounge and many other rooms.

Outside terrace

1.200 sq m

The large outside terrace can be booked separately or in combination with other rooms. Particularly in the warmer months of the year, it is a welcoming space to relax and spend time in.

Themed rooms

The scenographic worlds of experience are a special treat: Life, Earth and two temporary exhibition rooms. You can also book the ‘Museum mit der Maus’ (museum with the mouse) with an animation studio. All themed rooms can be built into an exciting event concept, either individually or in combination. Be inspired and let your creativity run wild: an evening in the World Room, a reception with ‘Trexi’ the dinosaur or a journey of adventure for both young and old.

Multifunction room

130 sq m

Location Odysseum Köln

A classic seminar room for up to 120 participants, which links to both the gallery and the conference and entertainment area. Surrounded by the museum’s unique, adventurous atmosphere, your conferences and seminars are sure to be successful.

Conference and entertainment area

350 sq m

Location Odysseum Köln

This room is the perfect place to welcome your guests with a standing reception. During or after the event, the conference and entertainment area can serve as a break room for your conferences and seminars. Directly connected to the multifunction room, it is the ideal place to offer your guests some culinary refreshment.

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