Indulge your foodie side in comfort with our authentic Catalogna street food catering!

Have you ever gone to a street food festival and indulged yourself? The diversity of foods on offer is simply delectable – so varied and so full of surprises.

And now we can bring that cool, authentic street food atmosphere right to your doorstep. We can construct various cooking stations with exquisite, original food ideas for your upcoming celebration or planned event. All street food dishes are prepared and processed by us in-house and consist of high-quality, fresh products from the region. Some foods can be freshly prepared at the location, right in front of your guests. All the furnishings and settings are made of old barrels, cable reels and pallets; they and the decorations (with herbs, turf, wooden boards, fruit and vegetables) reflect that ‘street food feel’ in all aspects.

Street food
Street food
Street food


  • Caesar salad in a shakeable container
  • Watermelon-avocado salad in a cup
  • Rocket and raspberries with Parmesan and pine nuts

Organic and vegan

  • Peas, mint and coconut soup with tempeh
  • Couscous with cauliflower, Romanesco broccoli and tempeh with apple-date-ginger chutney and peanut sauce
  • Sweet potato fries with peanut sauce

Sandwiches and burgers

  • Pulled pork on a bun with cabbage, apple chutney, cheese and mustard dip
  • Smoked pastrami sandwich with grilled sauerkraut, cheese and barbecue sauce
  • Beef burger with bacon, cheese, avocado and Dijon mayonnaise

Street food specials

  • American corn dog with potato and bacon salad
  • German pickled pork knuckle sandwich with pureed peas and apple-horseradish dip
  • Grilled sticks with three different dips
    (beef, pork, chicken)
  • English fish and chips with home-made mayonnaise and mushy peas


  • Home-made ice cream
    (mango, organic chocolate, coconut-vanilla)
  • Chocolate cake with liquid centre and raspberries
  • British fried chocolate bars
    (Mars and Snickers)

€29.90 per person


The prices are subject to 19% VAT and are valid for 200 or more people. Smaller parties are possible upon request.

For street food catering, dishes are prepared on location. In addition to the quoted street food prices, costs (on-location chef) may arise. If you’d like, you can also order our rental service for dishware, cutlery and cooking stations, as well as for serving staff.

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