Make a grand entrance with Catalogna finger food!

There are so many options, we can’t even list them all for you: in mini glasses, rolled up, on a skewer, in a box, on a spoon or from a vendor’s tray! With their creative, appealing presentation, these little delicacies have true star power at the perfect reception, birthday party, company anniversary or trade fair exhibition.

Because it can be easily eaten without utensils, finger food is the ideal solution for parties large and small. The varied mix of savoury and sweet morsels can be served cold or warm and provides something perfect to suit every taste.

Finger food lollies

Finger food lollies

Savour the summer down to the last bite with our summertime finger food lollies.

BBQ Butler-style buffet

Butler-style BBQ buffet

The butler-style BBQ buffet is the perfect match for indoor events such as trade fairs.

Finger food Catering
Finger food Catering
Finger food Catering

Special offer for finger food

  • Tomato, cheese, or leek tartlets
  • Home-made satay skewers with two kinds of sesame
  • Oven-fresh mini pizza with various toppings
  • Mini meatballs with home-made mustard dip
  • Salmon crêpe roulade with fresh herbs
  • Skewer with molten cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella
  • Grilled zucchini rolls filled with goat cheese
  • Sautéed scampi skewer with wasabi-dill pickles
  • Skewer of melon with Parma ham
  • Apricots and plums wrapped in bacon

  • €1.88/each
    Price only valid for 100 or more items (20 items of each kind).

Cologne-style finger food buffet

  • The Cologne classic: ‘Spieß von Himmel un Äd’ skewer with potatoes, apples and blood sausage
  • Small veal schnitzel with lemon wedges
  • Mousse of Cologne-style sauerkraut with pickled pork knuckle praline
  • Skewer of tender vegetables with melted feta cheese
  • Steak tartare on black bread with Cologne-style mustard
  • Mini rye rolls with fresh raw minced pork and red onions
  • Small potato pancake on a skewer, with apple sauce
  • Skewer of sautéed prawns with glazed carrots and Cologne-style spiced marinade
  • Small Cologne currywurst with mini rolls in a jar
  • Matjes (soused herring) fillet with apple-pickle chutney and fried onions on original Zimmermann’s black bread
  • Cologne-style Grütze (traditional fruit pudding with red berries) with a dash of vanilla sauce in a mini glass
  • White chocolate and pumpernickel mousse with glazed sour cherries

  • €24.90 per person
    Prices are valid for 30 or more people.

Ask us about our other finger food suggestions from CATALOGNA’s repertoire.


The prices are subject to 19% VAT. The price includes small plates and cocktail napkins. We recommend 8 to 10 finger food items per person. All finger foods are delivered in small glasses or on small plates, on cake stands, on Happy Spoons or on small skewers. The order must be placed at least two days before the delivery date.

Corporate finger food

Everything with a logo? For sure!
CATALOGNA corporate finger food is ideal for company events, conferences and trade fairs where you’d like to convey the corporate mission statement. The finger food can be branded with your company’s logo in various ways and adjusted to suit the theme of the event.

Corporate catering
Finger food Molekular

Molecular finger food from €2.99

Fizzy, vaporising finger food creations that are sure to be an astonishing culinary experience, even for guests who’ve seen (and eaten) it all before.

Finger food Cake Pops

Colourful cake pops from €1.99

So delicious, you’ll fall in love!

This exquisite mini cupcake on a stick is a bright, colourful eye-catcher at any party. Irresistibly delicious and available in all variations.

Scrumptious Canapes

Scrumptious canapés from €2.20

New interpretations of exquisite classics. Small, bite-sized and with a wide selection of toppings and bread varieties, they’re perfectly suited to an office reception or as little mouthfuls at a trade fair.

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